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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Done And Done

Right, that's me finished with live poker for this trip, and I won't miss it. I played the $120+$100 at Caesar's, with my headphones jammed on at full power. Two twats opposite me want to take the piss for some reason. I think one of them was upset because he couldn't psych me out with his verbal mind-games when I was all in. He makes me take my phones off and says "One day I'll be a superstar like you". If I want to talk to idiots I can go back on the Internet forums, so I ignore him. "Back on go the headphones, hur hur" goes his mate, who is that half-American guy who plays in the Vic, always wears a flat cap.

Anyhoo, wanker from the Vic takes half my chips with A8 against TT. He and American wanker high five each other. The dealer pushes the pot over to wankerfromthevic rather sloppily, and about 1500 chips drift towards americanwanker. When he sees that his great mate wankerfromthevic hasn't noticed, he starts stacking them up. I point this out and he gives them up, chirping something about "I'd give them back as soon as anyone said". OK, can I steal your car ? I'll give it back if anyone notices. And what does wankerfromthevic say ? I'll give you one guess. That's right. Nothing. These people are cunts, pure and simple, and they deserve each other.

So, Scores On The Doors

Single Tables : + $6,125. A good score and despite a bad run towards the end I was probably running good overall

Cash : - $35. A couple of half-hearted sessions while I was waiting to do something else, I'd have been better off playing online in my room. Or maybe not, because I lost about $1000 on the trip online. Damn speed tournaments. But that doesn't count.

"Proper" MTTs : - $225. I only played one, thankfully I was busted after 3 hours instead of hanging around for 12, 15 or however long it took to bust out just before the money

Crapshoots - $1285. I had a good shot in a couple of these, but couldn't win the all ins when it mattered.

Blackjack : - $50. Cut my losses in half in the Mirage after a session in the Orleans where I was playing so badly the dealer was trying to help me :-)

Last longer bets : +$1. I had a dollar "last shorter" with Mad Ron in a single table. I wouldn't have gone all in with 73 without the last shorter bet. Oh wait, yes I would.

All in all about $4500 up. That's not going to cover all my expenses but I would still have to eat like food and stuff at home, plus I spent $500 or so on shows and clothes and what have you so let's call it even.

Update : Oh and horses, -$20. The Camel made it all the way round 2/3, but Bad Beat pulled up.


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